The Concours at Carlisle is Central Pa’s first and only community of luxury auto collector condos and the ideal layout for a distinguished collector like yourself. Imagine coming home to a spacious climate controlled garage with an interior mezzanine overlooking your collectibles. Your personality would be represented by your custom interior finishes and fixtures, and all these luxuries would be secured in a 24-hour surveilled gated community with like-minded neighbors. Even better, you can customize your condo with living space. Imagine sleeping in your house right with your auto collection. A dream!

Does this place sound too good to be true? Well the truth is, The Concours at Carlisle is as good as the collectors concept of living gets.

The car collecting culture was the driving force behind the development of The Concours at Carlisle. Carlisle Event’s owners, Bill Miller Jr., and Lance Miller have built a strong foundation in the automotive community with Carlisle Events. Their passion for autos and a vision for the Carlisle car community, has been a staple in Central Pa. for many years.

Believing in building upon a car collectors dream like the Millers have with Carlisle Events, Mark Galbraith and Allan Galbraith at Galbraith Pre-Design and Nathan Kranz at NAI/CIR came together to develop this luxury community of auto condos. Envisioning a better way to serve the car collecting community while concurrently improving the Carlisle area; to this end, The Concours at Carlisle was conceived.

Amenities & Features

  • Private Community Clubhouse (for residents only)
  • Gated community
  • Homeowner’s Association grass mowing, landscaping and snow removal
  • High quality, long life, low maintenance building materials
  • Professionally landscaped grounds
  • Patios and decks
  • Several floor plans from which to choose (or customize to suit)
  • Interior mezzanine overlooking your garage and collectibles
  • Interior finishes and fixtures to suit your taste from basic to premium
  • Spacious climate controlled garage
  • High ceilings
  • Sprinkler system and CO detectors
  • Water, floor drain, and electric

Optional Upgraded Amenities

  • Heated garage floor
  • Tire Changer
  • Car Lift
  • Compressed air system
  • Mechanic tool package/bench
  • Home theater package
  • Music system
  • Security/surveillance system
  • Wine cellar
  • Custom bar
  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Interior designer/decorator services


The era of the Carlisle car collector culture began in 1974 when Bill Miller Jr. and Chip Miller became friends, connecting over their love for 1950 era cars.  After renting the Carlisle Fairgrounds for many years to host auto shows, Bill Miller Jr. and Chip Miller purchased the 82‐acre property and transformed the fairgrounds to suit the needs of car enthusiasts and visitors.

Fast forward to where we are today, the Millers envisions a home for the elite car collectors prized possessions right in the Carlisle community.  Mark Galbraith and Allan Galbraith owners of Galbraith Pre-Design, a design/build firm, and Nate Kranz, a realtor with NAI/CIR came believe in expanding the car collectors dream into a private gated community for only the top collectors in the world could dream of. Galbraith Pre-Design created an advanced auto community to meet the demands of the elite car collector and owner.

Galbraith Pre-Design has been serving the needs of the Carlisle community since 1988 through extraordinary building services for commercial property managers and business owners. Their connection to the community is what gave them exclusive insight and an attentive ear towards the development of The Concours at Carlisle. In partnership with Nate Kranz, NAI/CIR, Galbraith Pre-Design took action and made an idea into a reality for every car collector. Both companies are passionate about constructing and maintaining the ultimate car collector’s utopia.


The Condos are being thoughtfully constructed in the heart of Carlisle, Pa and adjacent to the world famous Carlisle Events’ Carlisle Fairgrounds. This location is within easy walking distance to local restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment, and the prestigious campus of Dickinson College in downtown Carlisle. This small borough is one of Pennsylvania’s most treasured historic communities and was rated by Forbes Magazine as the second-best place to raise a family in 2010.

Carlisle’s history is rich, values are plentiful, and opportunities abundant. With a reputation as a growing and viable community, it continues to meet the ever-evolving economic needs of the community. Carlisle is also the epicenter for the largest car and truck collector events in the country and future home to a community of the country’s finest car collectors, we hope to see you in the fold!

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