Concours at Carlisle – Why Carlisle?

December 5, 2017

Carlisle Pa., the home of luxury auto condos

The very thought of building a luxury auto condo seems like a weird concept to most until you meet a car enthusiast. Car enthusiasts love everything about their car collection and housing their cars is a very important. This is why the luxury auto condo concept was born, and Carlisle is a prime location for such real estate. Carlisle is one noted as one of Pennsylvania’s most treasured historic communities, located in south-central PA. As of late is gaining in reputation as a growing and viable community, ever evolving. Carlisle is home to Dickison College, Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law and the U.S. Army War College and continues to embrace growing small and large businesses.

Carlisle is also an auto enthusiasts dream as it’s home to the famous Carlisle Events. It’s likely that if you’re reading this, and you’re a car-lover, you already know Carlisle Events. Carlisle Events is recognized as one of the largest presenters of collector car and truck events in the world. Carlisle Events located on the Carlisle Fairgrounds solely brings well over 100,000 enthusiasts, clubs and collector car hobbyists to Carlisle every year. Founded by Chip Miller and Bill Miller Jr., Carlisle Events is what it is today due to the love for everything in the collector auto industry.

Just a short drive from Carlisle is also the home of the AACA Museum, another collector dream. The AACA Museum is located in Hershey Pa, rightly named “The Sweetest Place on Earth.” This name for Hershey came from the sweet smells of Hershey chocolate however to a car collector this is the ‘sweetest place on Earth for a whole other reason, the historic car exhibits. The AACA Museum showcases both temporary and semi-permanent auto exhibits, in addition to a full floor of collector buses, motorcycles, and motorbikes.