Groundbreaking at former Masland site in Carlisle

December 21, 2017

A groundbreaking ceremony took place on November 21st at the former IAC/Masland site in Carlisle. This groundbreaking ceremony further symbolizes the revitalization of Carlisle.

This site will soon to be home to Concours at Carlisle, a gated-community for luxury auto condos, Hilton, and Marcello’s Ristorante.

Mark and Allan Galbraith, Carlisle natives and owners of Galbraith Pre-Design are leading the charge, building the much-anticipated “car condos”.  These auto condos will be able to hold all of your collectibles and your second home. The intention for these luxury condos is for die-hard car collectors to use these as second homes who attend Carlisle Events’ shows and auctions.

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